YXO Founder's Story - From Graffiti in the Streets to Healing on the Mat

What’s up everybody! It’s me Jordan 👋🏼 It’s time step out of my comfort zone and give a peek into the person behind the brand. ⁣

I created YXO out of my love for yoga. It’s literally in the brand name. The Y stands for yoga and XO stands for love.⁣

Yoga wasn’t always a part of my life. As some of you know, my world completely imploded six years ago when I suffered a devastating stroke. Recovering after a mental and physical trauma on that scale has been the most challenging experience of my life. I had temporary paralysis in my arm, hand, legs, and feet along with bouts of impaired vision. Fortunately I regained my sight and mobility, but I was left with chronic nerve pain and anxiety that I still have to manage every day. ⁣

I’ve tried everything you could imagine to heal, but it has never been an easy or straight road to recovery. Along the way, I tried out yoga and ended up falling in love with the practice. It’s helped me immensely, and I’m now a 500hr RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certified under master instructor Tamal Dodge.⁣

After spending so much time in the yoga studio and trying every yoga mat available, I started to see an opportunity to bring something completely new to the world of yoga. I’ve used my years of experience as a graffiti artist and professional designer to create a premium yoga brand and product unlike anything ever seen in the industry. ⁣⁣

Creating YXO has truly been a labor of love. I’m a single parent with a full-time day job. I’m a solo founder. And I’ve 100% self-funded this business. There’s been a million reasons to give up before getting YXO out to the world, but the yoga community has given so much to me that I wanted to give back in my own unique way.⁣

I feel blessed that this brand gives me an excuse to acknowledge and to celebrate some of the most amazing yoga teachers who dedicate their lives to helping people like myself heal. I also hope that YXO inspires more people from all kinds of backgrounds to step onto their mat and improve their lives through yoga.⁣

Thank you to every one of you who has supported me. And I hope you love the products I’ve made as much as I’ve loved making them. ⁣